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HerniCalm Dietary Supplement. Better Digestion, Stronger Muscles, Better Sleep, and Less Discomfort, Natural Vegetarian Formula

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Dr. Hayden’s Advanced Natural Adrenal and Cortisol Supplement. Made to Support Fatigue, Reduce Stress, and Improve Mood

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Dr. Hayden’s Advanced Natural Thyroid Support Supplement, Containing Natural Complex, Vitamins & Herbs to Aid Hypothyroidism

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Dr. Hayden’s Advanced All Natural Vegetarian Gallbladder Supplement. Made to Support and Flush Your Gall Bladder

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Dr. Hayden’s Advanced Nerve Calm Supplement and Calm Capsule. Best Calming Supplements for Adults to Reduce Stress, Stem Fatigue

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Dr. Hayden’s Advanced Mitochondrial Support - containing Vitamins and Minerals to Aid Normal Mitochondria Function

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Why us?

Dr. Hayden is a Colorado-based licensed clinical pharmacist with over 15+ years of experience in the science-meets-nature industry of pharmaceuticals. Dr. Hayden has seen firsthand the extent nutrient imbalances can have on the human body. He also knows there is an answer: Nature’s Reveal. Nature’s secret is not in  finding the best herb, mineral, or enzyme. These have been known to many different cultures for centuries. Nature’s Reveal is to find their most effective combination. The human body works in a powerful combination. You draw breath in the respiratory system to help the blood in your circulatory system produce energy from the sugars and fatty acids acquired in your digestive system. The whole that is produced is greater than the sum of its parts. You are that whole. You are that living process. You are nature’s secret. When things go wrong, as they often do, then you need to get nature back on your side. Dr. Hayden is a medical researcher and has known this first-hand for a while: good doctors do not heal the body; good doctors help the body to heal itself. He and his colleagues have started what is today the successful supplements company Nature’s Reveal.

Our Story

My name is Dr. Hayden. I am a licensed pharmacist in the state of Colorado and a graduate of the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy.

In addition to working with patients in both the hospital and community pharmacy settings, I’ve also been a medical researcher for over 15 years within the pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout my career, I have frequently been asked to recommend natural supplements that support normal bodily functions and ease the discomfort sometimes felt in specific bodily regions.

I simply did not have an answer for them. However, due to so many inquiries about such supplements, I felt that I needed to find the answer.

As I looked further into the problem, I discovered that many of these issues were commonly the result of both an underlying pH problem and dysfunction at the cellular level. These problems can lead to a wide range of discomforts and disorders.

Dr. Hayden

As a pharmaceutical researcher, I knew that the right ingredients to fill this need must exist—and that they could likely be found in nature. However, locating these ingredients was only part of my task. In order to naturally address bodily discomfort and pain, I also needed to identify the correct combination and amounts of these ingredients to achieve my goal.

It was my background in medical research that allowed me to find the perfect ingredients, and it was my pharmaceutical knowledge that helped me to optimally combine them to create HerniCalm, our first dietary supplement.

With this discovery, I decided to start my own herbal supplement company where I could share HerniCalm and other naturally helpful supplements with the world. I named my company Nature’s Reveal because in order to heal our bodies, we have to allow nature to reveal its remedies. I asked my colleague Anthony Chick, who has over 20 years of experience in a Colorado pharmacy setting, to join me in helping to bring this amazing product to the market.

Our collective mission is simple: Use what nature has given us to sustain our nation’s health in the best, most natural way possible. Thousands of sustainable plants with untold potential are available at our fingertips. The task at hand is to discover the right ones in the right combinations to help us become our best and healthiest selves.

The foundation of natural healing practices is to safely provide the body with what it needs to function efficiently and effectively. By properly caring for your body, you can heal naturally at home. We believe that Nature’s Reveal products are the answer to natural bodily healing.

Anthony Chick


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